24 May 2024

SlaveRP Server Relaunch

We have gathered our schedules and our resources and put together the SlaveRP server once again. Same owners, same great server brought back from back in ear... Read more
By Mist

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Nukemymeme27 GoldVIP 34.99 USD 2024-05-23 04:28:58
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About Us

We are a gaming community striving to bring improved versions of old gamemodes back. Peep our SlaveRP cuh! We ensure a speedy loading time minimizing the bullshit some servers pack into their gamemodes. We also create our gamemodes from scratch, to ensure everything works in unison. We offer:

  • 99.99% uptime on all of our servers
  • Communicative staff to help support you in any way
  • Minimized errors and quick fix response time
  • Online admins enforcing rules and taking tickets

Our Servers

At the time we currently are only hosting SlaveRP, our community has had struggles in the past due to management working around daily lives but now we are back on a solid schedule here to bring you the servers we all love. We are working on new gamemodes such as HL2RP and SlaveRP Enhanced, using an improved framework built from the ground up with our programming team. Check out our current servers below:

  • SlaveRP - Farm resources as a slave at the plantation, or join the guards tokeep the slaves in check. Work with the peacekepeers to keep the plantation safe and in working order, but keep watch for rebels wanting to break the slaves free from their imprisonment with raids on the plantation. Choose to keep the plantation safe or join the rebellion, you decide.